Supply Chain and Operations

Buyer-Supplier Kaizen Training

Businesses only succeed by leveraging the best out of their supply base. Buyer-Supplier Kaizen training looks as best practices for purchasing, supplier management, and supplier development.

Supply Chain Structure Optimization

How should your operations and supply chain organization be structured? Who should report where and how does this impact the value proposition of the organization and its ability to meet the needs of the customer?

Service and Manufacturing Process Optimization

This training teaches you how to order internal and external business processes to optimize employee and customer efficiency and satisfaction. It also helps you to understand how to arrange capital equipment to optimally make use of material and inventory flow.

ERP Evaluation and Implementation Support

Does your organization have a “best fit” ERP software to manage its resources? Have you grown out of your current software? Match the needs of your organization with the right software to manage your resources with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Evaluation & Implementation Support training.

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