Agile Project Management

This workshop teaches the core principles, tools, and techniques of Agile Project Management.  Once you learn to apply Agile’s iterative approach, you will increase team productivity, minimize risk, and maximize business value. But effective project management also requires superior communication skills. That’s where Harborcoat provides added value. Our expert team will also teach you how to communicate in a way that builds trust, promotes collaboration, and engenders respect. You will leave this workshop ready to optimize your team’s performance.

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Training

Conflict is a prevalent issue in any business. Understanding how to achieve a win/win outcome with internal partners, suppliers, and customers is at the center of this training. Using principled negotiating from Harvard’s Program on Negotiation, we arm your employees with distinct capabilities for resolving tensions of all kinds, from simple disagreements to emotionally charged hostilities.

Change Management Training

Organizations are constantly going through change, some bigger than others. This training helps employees mitigate the negative effects of change and helps them psychologically manage change in a healthy, productive way. The Table Top Experiments training has been used for over 100 years and has been promoted by companies such as Mitsubishi and others as a way to help employees think the right way in a change environment.

Decision Theory Training

How does your organization make decisions? Are your employees trained at making the most optimal decision in important matters? Decision Theory training pulls from psychology and negotiation research and helps employees think through decisions using a theory structured approach to decision making.

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