Solution based Sales

Solution-based sales is a philosophy based on building client bases and customer satisfaction around the principles of shared interests and collaborative relationships. Research makes clear that the strongest, most reliable sales strategies for twenty-first century customers are based on mutual, solution-oriented relationships. To this end, sales professionals must have the ability to research customer needs and interests, communicate by asking the right questions and listening carefully to the client, offer ideas and advice based on the customer’s stated needs and interests, and help navigate the customer through options

Market Research

Market research is the process of gathering, interpreting, and analyzing data, then making strategic  recommendations based on the analysis. It’s a complex process that experts take years to perfect, but it is absolutely essential if you intend to expand your business.  If you’ve ever wondered whether to enter into a new market, how to optimize your product’s placement, or how to determine the feasibility of a new marketing strategy, or how to approach  any number of other questions that require data-driven answers, then you will want to partner with us sooner rather than later. The experts at Harborcoat have spent years studying and consulting in this area, resulting in windfall profits for clients.

Price Optimization

As with market research, price optimization is a data-driven science that calls for an expert hand. Harborcoat’s statisticians have years of training in how to design and apply mathematical pricing models that account for current costs, inventory levels, customer segment data, and dynamic market trends. With the right support, you can ensure that your business develops sustainable, profit-driven pricing strategies, manages inventory levels, and ensures happy customers. 

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