Presentation Skills

This workshop introduces participants to the five key skill areas that separate professional communicators from amateuer communicators. You are guaranteed to get hands-on instruction, copious practice, and individualized feedback. This workshop is perfect for executives, managers, sales staff, and anyone who works regularly with the public. It is also excellent for entrepreneurs looking for a competitive edge. If you give presentations, lead meetings, or spend lots of time interacting with others on a professional level, this service is for you. 

Executive Leadership

It seems like every month there is a new, must-read book on the “secret” skills of leadership. This workshop removes the mystery and distills effective leadership down to three core concepts, which are easy both to learn and apply. As with all of Harborcoat’s signature workshops, this training is simultaneously high level and relentlessly practical. And it’s not just for executives. It’s for anyone who wants to know how to win more trust, interest, and influence with the people around them.

Proposal Writing

Often, people get discouraged when there is something they want, whether it’s a new software system or an infusion of capital, and they are told to put their request “in writing.” If you’ve ever needed to take a lot of complex information and organize it into a concise and compelling pitch – in writing –  then this workshop is for you. This workshop will take the fear out of the process and make participants excited to sit down at the keyboard to make their case.

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