How we work


A successful Salesforce implementation takes more than technical knowhow. It’s about understanding business objectives and empowering the company’s most valuable asset— its people.  We not only strive to deliver Salesforce projects, but improved business processes, confident Salesforce users, and long lasting strategic partnerships as well.

Harborcoat utilizes a Hybrid Agile Delivery Approach that combines the best aspects of two of the most popular project delivery methodologies — Agile and Waterfall — in order to leverage the adaptability of Agile and the predictability of Waterfall in a single project. We understand the Salesforce platform and how to navigate it with ease, customize it to meet your unique needs and troubleshoot issues that may arise. 

This is what you can expect when working with Harborcoat Consulting:

We will conduct Business Process Review sessions and work with key stakeholders to determine Salesforce goals, pain points and requirements. We then review, evaluate and document current systems to identify gaps and risks.
Assessment & Design
We provide a solution for each requirement and work with you to prioritize those based on cost and impact. We plot a solution roadmap being mindful of time, resources and deliverables. High-impact requirements come to the front, with a backlog for lower needs. We then dive in the waters to get the job done.
We phase out projects to keep goals aligned and to stay on course. We build, test, then showcase each solution to collect feedback. We believe this cycle is vital to ensure the solution meets your needs.
Project Launch
After end-user acceptance testing is complete and accepted, we will deploy the functionality. End user training and other necessary documentation is provided to ensure user adoption and confidence.
Managed Support
We can provide post-launch support to ensure user enablement, and resolve any post-launch bugs that may arise. At Harborcoat, we will never leave you lost at sea.